Third Season of Netflix’s Vikings: Walhalla to Be Filmed in Croatia

    Vikings: Walhalla Vikings: Walhalla credit: Netflix

    DUBROVNIK: The third season of Vikings: Walhalla, produced by Ireland’s Metropolitan Films International, Canada’s History Channel and USA’s MGM Television for Netflix, will be filmed in Dubrovnik in late September of 2022. Croatia’s Embassy Films is servicing the production.

    The producers have applied for the 25% cash rebate through the Filming in Croatia project, the representatives of the Croatian Audiovisual Centre have confirmed to FNE.

    The famous Croatian actor Goran Višnjić has been cast to play Erik the Red in the third season of the show. “Filming in Ireland wrapped in mid-August 2022 and the crew is now moving to Croatia, but ironically enough without me, because my character is not in those scenes. The entire crew is excited to go to Dubrovnik, where a smaller part of the third season will be filmed”, Goran Višnjić said on social media.

    Hundreds of long-haired extras have been engaged to play the Vikings in the logistically challenging project, which will require the closure of some of the main streets in the tourist-packed city. Dubrovnik museums will earn 53,225 EUR from renting their venues, and the entire crew is expected to leave hundreds of thousands of EUR in the local budget.

    The original Vikings series premiered on 3 March 2013 on History Channel and ran for six seasons with broadcasting throughout the world.

    Set 100 years after the events in the Vikings, the first season of Vikings: Valhalla was created by Jeb Stuart and released on Netflix in February 2022. Each season includes eight 50-minute episodes, most of which have been filmed at Ireland’s Ashford Studios and the surrounding Wicklow County.