Spy Thriller Canary Black Starring Kate Beckinsale Starts Shooting in Zagreb

    Canary Black by Pierre Morel Canary Black by Pierre Morel credit: Sentient Entertainment

    ZAGREB: The spy thriller Canary Black directed by Pierre Morel and starring Kate Beckinsale started filming in Zagreb on 21 October 2022. The film is produced by UK’s Anton and USA’s Sentient Entertainment, with services provided by MP Produkcija. The producers have applied for 25% cash rebates through the Filming in Croatia programme of the Croatian Audiovisual Centre.

    The crew will be shooting in Zagreb from 21 October 2022 to 31 January 2023. In addition to 18 roles played by Croatian actors, the production will include 380 local film professionals and 1,200 extras. The City of Zagreb will earn 13,650 EUR through location services. Smaller part of the story set in Tokyo will be filmed in Croatia’s coastal city Rovinj.

    “Half of the scenes will be shot in the exterior, which means we’ll have to block the traffic for longer periods of time, especially having in mind complex action scenes which require total control of the set. The filming was originally planned in Prague, but due to unforeseen difficulties we had to find a new location. Aiming for similar architecture, we were looking into Greece, Turkey and Serbia. In the end we chose Croatia, a country with a rich experience in hosting big productions”, producer Carsten H. W. Lorenz revealed at the PROFilm Days conference in Zagreb on 11 October 2022.

    The action-packed story follows a top level CIA agent, blackmailed by terrorists into betraying her own country to save her kidnapped husband. The cast includes Renee Tab, Matthew Kennedy, Christopher Tuffin, Sébastien Raybaud and John Zois.