PRODUCTION: Filip Peruzović Shoots Happy People in Zagreb

    Happy People by Filip Peruzović shooting Happy People by Filip Peruzović shooting credit: Dinaridi Film

    ZAGREB: The shooting of a feature film with the working title Happy People, directed by Filip Peruzović and produced by Dinaridi film with support from the Croatian Audiovisual Centre (HAVC), started in Zagreb. Famous Croatian actors Nina Violić and Filip Šovagović are in the main roles.

    The story follows Nikola and his expat sister Saša, who spend the weekend cleaning up the house where they grew up after their mother's funeral.

    "We prepared the film as a creative experiment that could fit into the format of the micro-budget fund of the Croatian Audiovisual Centre. The script was developed during the pandemic and we wanted to convey the atmosphere of isolation without talking about COVID. Namely, the film is shot in only one location, in the house and yard with only two actors," said producer Tena Gojić.

    The budget is 146,000 EUR, with 119,450 EUR provided by the Croatian Audiovisual Centre, and with additional support from the Croatian Radio and Television. The producers are open to finding additional postproduction partners.

    The shooting started last week and it will take 18 days.

    Production Information:

    Dinaridi Film (Croatia)
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    Director: Filip Peruzović
    Scriptwriters: Filip Peruzović, Nikolina Bogdanović
    Cast: Nina Violić, Filip Šovagović
    DoP: Tomislav Sutlar
    Editor: Iva Ivan
    Sound editor: Ivan Zelić