PRODUCTION: Film Based on Heroic Military Mission Gets Major State Support in Hungary


    BUDAPEST: The Hungarian film Operation Sámán by Zsombor Dyga will start shooting in Hungary in August 2024, benefitting from a grant of approximately 7.13 m EUR / 2.8 billion HUF from the National Film Institute – Hungary.

    The heroic action film commemorates the 2021 evacuation by a group of Hungarian soldiers of more than 500 people, including 200 children, from the invaded capital of Afghanistan. The story focuses on both the personal and the heroic aspects of such operations.

    Produced by Lajos Tamás through Szupermodern Studio, the film will combine military action with human drama, and it is made with the professional support of the Hungarian Defense Forces.

    Operation Sámán is set to be released in domestic cinemas in the autumn of 2025.

    Production Information:

    Director Zsombor Dyga, credit: Balázs HujberProducer:
    Szupermodern Studio (Hungary)
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    Director: Zsombor Dyga
    Scriptwriter: Zsombor Dyga
    DoP: Tamás Dobos
    Editors: Béla Barsi, Júlia Hack
    Production designer: Balázs Hujber
    Costume designer: László Donkó
    Cast: TBA