FNE Podcast: Alessandra Pastore: Head of Industry at MPV


    VILNIUS: FNE correspondent and film critic Alexander Gabelia spoke to Alessandra Pastore, head of industry of Meeting Point Vilnius, about the general goals and activities of the MPV industry platform and its projects in 2023.

    Alessandra Pastore, credit: Meeting Point VilniusMeeting Point – Vilnius is the work-in-progress audiovisual industry event to discover, develop and support European talents and upcoming debut films. It aims to build a network between different European macro-regions: from the Baltic to the South East, from the Caucasus to Western Europe.

    A total of 19 projects have been selected for the MPV 2023 industry platform of the Vilnius International Film Festival Kino Pavasaris, whose 56th edition will take place 16-26 March 2023.

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