PRODUCTION: Limestone Cowboy Extends Reach with Crowdfunding

    Limestone Cowboy by Abigail Mallia Limestone Cowboy by Abigail Mallia Credit: Zack Ritchie

    VALLETTA: Abigail Mallia’s Limestone Cowboy is set to follow in the footsteps of Rebecca Cremona’s Simshar (produced by Kukumajsa Productions Ltd) and be the next film from Malta to gain international theatrical distribution. Limestone Cowboy is a whimsical film on a political dark horse, who aims for the top job in a small Mediterranean island.

    Whilst the film undergoes further work on colour grading, sound design and visual effects, production company Take2 Entertainment has launched a campaign on Indiegogo both to raise cash to help send the producers to international markets, with Cannes and the AFM being next in line, and also to create further engagement with local audiences.

    “We have little national experience in finding a route to markets abroad, that we can follow. However, whenever we meet fellow European producers, we are always told that our enthusiasm is infectious, so perhaps our energy makes up for the structures our industry currently lacks”, said producer Jon Mallia.

    Directed by television drama veteran Abigail Mallia, Limestone Cowboy generated a fair degree of buzz at the EFM in February 2017.

    With a budget close to 1 m EUR, Limestone Cowboy had initially received 90,000 EUR in production co-financing from the Malta Film Fund, with the rest of the money raised from individual private investors and from the producers’ own resources. Mr Mallia told FNE that “being, essentially, pioneers, is both an exciting and a frustrating experience. We had to spend a lot of time beating our own path, and the approach to finding the funds needed to get the film made was unorthodox at best.”

    Take2 is currently developing Abigail Mallia’s second feature.

    Production Information:

    Take2 Entertainment
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    Director: Abigail Mallia
    Script: Carlos Debattista, Jon Mallia
    Producers : Jon Mallia, Abigail Mallia, Carlos Debattista, Dirk Hili
    DOP: Mirko Galea
    Editor: Abigail Mallia
    Costume Designer: Liliana Pirogov
    Sound Supervisor : Aleksandar Bundalo
    VFX Supervisor : Jonathan Alenskas
    Cast: Paul Portelli, Irene Christ, Davide Tucci, Paul Cilia