PRODUCTION: Patryk Vega Continues Shooting Despite COVID-19 Pandemic

    Patryk Vega on the set of his new film Patryk Vega on the set of his new film source: www.instagram.com/patryk_vega_official

    WARSAW: Patryk Vega has downplayed the government's recommendations during the coronavirus pandemic and continued shooting his still-untitled film about a teenage prostitution ring scandal that shook Poland.

    Vega has disregarded government restrictions and recently started filming. Photos from the film set were leaked online, showing that it was set up in the area of Pole Mokotowskie in Warsaw on 15 April 2020. The Polish government had introduced a ban on group meetings on 11 April 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic. 

    The latest production by Vega will take on one of the largest Polish scandals, the Central Investigation Bureau's operations in the Podkarpackie region. The organisation was responsible for the liquidation of a gang running a prostitution ring that included teenage girls. The film is produced by the director's company Vega Investments. 

    Konrad Niewolski has likewise defied government restrictions and continued shooting his film Asymmetry. Unlike Vega, Niewolski was vocal about his decision to film, referring to the COVID-19 restrictions as “Coronapanics.” The set of his film was visited by the police, according to local media reports.

    The Guild of Polish Directors has issued a statement on the matter. "We don't make films when the plague is raging. In connection with information about the start of shooting for the films of Patryk Vega and Konrad Niewolski, the Guild of Polish Directors recommends to immediately stop work that requires personal contact of film crew members. Let's not expose our colleagues and medical services!"

    Vega responded that he entrusted God with his decisions on this matter. "God has removed a veil from my eyes and I understood what cinema I want to make. The film, which I will shoot this year and which will premiere on 4 September 2020, will be the first real film in my life. And this is in no way calculated for people's reactions. (...) I am interested in my relationship with God. If I'm afraid of something, it's to stand against God. I'm not afraid of people. In addition, over the years of acting in the film industry and raising topics related to the underworld, I have a lot of knowledge - from people who are criminals on a global scale, through special services, the police and politicians. Therefore, I am not afraid that something will happen to me. I don't think my films could endanger my life," the director said in an official statement.