PRODUCTION: Wojciech Smarzowski Works on New Drama

Wojciech Smarzowski working on W2 Wojciech Smarzowski working on W2

WARSAW: Wojciech Smarzowski is developing a drama under the working title W2. The development process has not been interrupted by the COVID-19 pandemic and the shooting is planned for 2020 in Poland and Latvia.

"As the producer of Wojtek Smarzowski's latest film W2 we would like to inform you that the production is proceeding according to the assumed schedule and the situation related to the epidemic has not yet directly affected our activities," reads a statement from Studio Metrage, the producer of the film. "We are in the process of preparing the set design, signing the last contracts with the actors and crew. We assume that the shooting will start as planned, although observing the situation in Poland and in the world, we are ready to change the production calendar without the risk of a definite shift in the end production date."

The film was originally known under the working title Wedding 2.

"The action takes place in contemporary times, during one night, at a wedding house and in a slaughterhouse. There is also a retrospective part from WWII - and that's probably all I can say about this project," Smarzowski commented during the last Pol'And Rock Festival. It is unofficially said that the subject of the film will be the pogrom of the Jewish population, which took place in 1941 in Jedwabne. 

"I can only say that it will be Wojtek Smarzowski's film, probably the best in his career," said Marcin Kowalski, spokesman for Studio Metrage.

The planned budget is 4.8 m EUR / 25 m PLN. The film also received the tax rebate from the Polish Film Institute. The release date is not known yet.

Production information:

Studio Metrage
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Director: Wojciech Smarzowski
Screenwriter: Wojciech Smarzowski