Polish Filmmakers File Lawsuit against State Treasury over Compensation Dispute

    Polish Filmmakers File Lawsuit against State Treasury over Compensation Dispute credit: ZAPA

    WARSAW: The Polish Filmmakers Association has sued the State Treasury over the reprographic fee, claiming inadequate compensation for filmmakers and producers.

    The lawsuit seeks 96.2 m EUR / 416 m PLN for a three-year period from 2020 to 2023.

    Under the EU Directive on copyright, filmmakers and producers are entitled to fair compensation for the use of their works under personal use exceptions. Polish law broadly defines personal use exceptions, allowing the average consumer to use cultural goods freely.

    However, creators and producers suffer financial losses due to the lack of compensation for private use. Many countries have introduced levies on devices and media used for personal use to ensure compensation for creators. Poland has a system in place, but it has been ineffective for years, with outdated fees and exemptions for modern devices.

    The Polish Filmmakers Association believes the Polish government's failure to provide fair remuneration violates the EU law. Similar legal actions in countries like the Netherlands and Denmark have been successful in the past. 

    "We will raise our voices against such anomalies and demand justice in court," stated Jacek Bromski, President of the Polish Filmmakers Association.

    Efforts to reform the existing model have been hindered by lobbying from international corporations and device manufacturers. The lawsuit aims to ensure fair compensation for Polish creators and draw attention to non-compliance with EU directives.

    Implementing amendments to copyright law, including internet royalties for filmmakers, is crucial in bridging the gap between internet corporation profits and creators' remuneration. Poland lags behind other EU countries in implementing the EU directive on this matter. The Polish Filmmakers Association demands prompt action from the new government to address this issue and seeks justice in court.