PRODUCTION: The Very Hairy Alphabet Pitches at CEE Animation Forum

    The Very Hairy Alphabet by Eliza Plocieniak-Alvarez The Very Hairy Alphabet by Eliza Plocieniak-Alvarez

    TREBON: The Polish/German team of director Eliza Plocieniak-Alvarez and film student producer Laura Messner presented their animation cut-out TV series The Very Hairy Alphabet at the CEE Animation Forum, running 6 - 8 May 2019 in tandem with Anifilm festival (7 – 12 May).

    The educational series, consisting of 26 episodes of 5 minutes each, is aimed at 2 - 5 year old pre-schoolers, teaching them the English alphabet. The main characters are a big yellow yeti, who accidentally eats his ABC book, so he has to seek out a wiseman Tebahpla (“alphabet” spelled backwards), who helps him learn the alphabet with a heavy dose of humor.

    The series is created in a digital cut out style. The team have synopses of further episodes along with other packaging materials. The budget is 10,000 EUR per minute and 1.3 m EUR for the series.

    The project is a tool for learning English and is narrated completely in English and is inspired by earlier shows such as Sesame Street. 

    Director/writer/animator: Eliza Plocieniak-Alvarez
    Producer: Laura Messner