FNE Podcast: Director Christian Petzold


    FNE together with German Films is launching the Year of German Central European Films 2024 with a special focus on German films in Central and Eastern European countries plus Cyprus and Malta, as well as FNE partner countries’ films screening in Germany. This action takes place within the frames of the celebrations of 70 Years of German Films.

    Christian Petzold, copyright: Schramm Film, Marco KrugerWe spoke to German director/writer Christian Petzold about coproduction between Germany and FNE countries, his films that have often been sold to CEE countries in the past years, as well as the importance of 70 years of German films, Rainer Werner Fassbinder and his new project.

    FNE will be following this podcast with more in our series that will focus on German films in CEE countries plus Cyprus and Malta, and our partner countries’ films screening in Germany, as well as news about coproductions and other special events.

    In 2024, German Films celebrates its 70 years anniversary. The Export Union der Deutschen Filmindustrie was founded in Wiesbaden in 1954, then was renamed German Films Service + Marketing GmbH in 2004 and has successfully been promoting German feature films and filmmakers around the world.

    To put a special focus on 70 years of German cinema abroad, a film programme entitled “70 Years of German Cinema – A Success Story“ has been compiled as a retrospective, curated by Alfred Holighaus, development executive and producer at REAL FILM in Berlin and NORDFILM in Kiel, who selected a mixture of 14 feature films and documentaries. The aim of this film programme is to give German cinema abroad the special attention it so rightly deserves.

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