PRODUCTION Eurimages Supports Turkish/German/Serbian Coproduction Suddenly


    BELGRADE: The Turkish/German/Serbian coproduction feature Suddenly, to be directed by Melisa Fatma Önel Tecimen, received a grant of 85,000 EUR from Eurimages in December 2021.

    Reyhan (40) is briefly returning to Istanbul with her husband Tevfik (45), after several decades in Hamburg. However, in this city, even with the family she left there, she feels like a foreigner. She also notices that she has lost her sense of smell. She leaves the doctor's office anxious, wondering what the real cause of this disorder is. Fearing the worst, Reyhan gives up further testing. As she exits the hospital and steps onto a foggy Istanbul street, a slight limp keeps on restraining her steps. Burdened with the thought of the possible terminal outcome of her condition, Reyhan searches for something familiar in the city with which she lost touch.

    The project is being developed and produced by Alara Hamamcıoğlu and Melisa Önel through Turkeys Aniden Film / Vigo Film, Susanne Mann, Paul Zischler through Germany’s Zischlermann Filmproduktion, Jelena Angelovski and Ivan Pribićević through Serbia’s Digitalkraft.

    The project previously received support from: T.C. Kültür ve Turizm Bakanlığı  / The Ministry of Culture of Turkey, German-Turkish Co-Development Fund, Sarajevo Cinelink Co-Production Market ARTEKINO Award, Meetings on the Bridge VFX Award, RK Teknoloji, Moin Filmförderung (aka FFHSH) Production support World Cinema Fund WCF, and Film Centre Serbia.

    No details regarding the start of the production have been revealed so far.

    Production Information:

    Aniden Film / Vigo Film (Turkey)
    Zischlermann Filmproduktion (Germany)
    Digitalkraft (Serbia)

    Director: Melisa Fatma Önel Tecimen
    Scriptwriters: Feride Çiçekoğlu, Melisa Fatma Önel Tecimen