BOX OFFICE: Serbian Film The Heroes of Halyard Tops Domestic Charts

    Heroes of Halyard by Radoš Bajić Heroes of Halyard by Radoš Bajić credit: Contrast Studios

    BELGRADE: Serbian WWII epic Heroes of Halyard / Heroji Halijarda by Radoš Bajić tops the local box office in its first week with 21,239 admissions and 85,155 EUR / 9,980,739 RSD gross.

    Heroes of Halyard, which was released by Art Vista in 84 prints on 12 October 2023, is inspired by the largest single rescue operation of Ally pilots behind enemy lines in the history of the world's aviation, known as "Operation Halyard".

    In the summer of 1944, led by the Yugoslav Army in the Homeland and under the command of General Dragoljub Mihailović, from an improvised airport in the village of Pranjani the Serbian people saved 508 American and other Ally pilots from certain death.

    The cast is led by Žarko Laušević, Nela Mihailović, Nikola Rakočević, Radovan Vujović and Stiven Vilijam Mur.

    Heroes of Halyard was produced by Contrast Studios and Telekom Srbija with support from Film Center Serbia, the Provincial Goverment of the Autonomous Province of Vojvodina. the Ministry of Defence of the Republic of Serbia and the Serbian Armed Forces.

    3211 by Danilo Bećković and Andrijana Stojković, an independent production of Balkaton d.o.o. released by Taramount Film in 38 prints on 21 September 2023, had 22,456 admissions and 97,960  EUR / 11,481,523 RSD gross in its first week in cinemas. The film reached 50,569 admissions through 18 October 2023, together with the results made in the Republic of Srpska 3211 by Danilo Bećković and Andrijana Stojković, credit: Balkaton(the Serbian entity within Bosnia and Herzegovina).

    A mix of fiction and documentary, 3211 tells the true story of Stefan Đurić-Rasta, a successful musician who one day loses everything and goes to prison where only his songs remain from his earlier life.

    The Serbian film with the best opening in 2023 is Dudes: Again! / Munje: Opet! by Radivoje Andrić, which had 51,893 admissions and 220,625 EUR / 25,843,399 RSD gross after its release by Digital Store on 30 March 2023.

    Dudes: Again! was produced by Romario and Yodi Movie Craftsman, in coproduction with TV Prva, and with support from Film Center Serbia.

    Dudes: Again! performed better than Luka Mihailović’s debut feature Indigo Crystal / Indigo Kristal, which took the lead in the Serbian box office in its first week of theatrical distribution with 35,277 admissions and 150,040 EUR / 17,601,928 RSD gross. Indigo Crystal was released by Art Vista on 9 March 2023.

    Serbian films have had a successful year 2023 from the very beginning. In January 2023, Storm / Oluja by Miloš Radunović, distributed by Stars Media International, took the leading position with 39,572 admissions in its opening week.

    Storm was produced by Omega produkcija and Telekom Srbija.