PRODUCTION: Slovenian/Austrian/Finnish Skiing in Scarves Overcomes Postproduction Challenges

    Skiing in Scarves by Haidy Kancler Skiing in Scarves by Haidy Kancler credit: Studio Virc

    LJUBLJANA: Haidy Kancler's first long documentary feature Skiing in Scarves / Afganistanke na smučeh has faced some challenges in postproduction because of COVID-19.

    The film follows a group of local girls who challenge cultural stereotypes in the mountains of central Afghanistan. Under the guidance of Slovenian instructor Ana Tasič, they aim for a breakthrough between professionals.

    "There were no changes in the production team and film crew but due to the COVID-19 some events took their own course," producer Boštjan Virc told FNE. “A month after the start of editing our Austrian editor had to leave Ljubljana due to the Corona pandemic, and went back home to Vienna. For that reason we have established 'virtual editing' between him in Vienna and the director in Ljubljana. That, of course, brought additional costs but so far there are no major delays in the postproduction process."

    The shooting was successfully completed on locations in Afghanistan, India, Austria, Finland and Slovenia in 2019. "Thank God for that, if the COVID-19 pandemic had started earlier we would have probably been forced to cancel the project," says Virc.

    The film is produced by Boštjan Virc through Studio Virc in coproduction with Austrian Flair Film and Finnish Kinocompany. The project is supported by the Slovenian Film Center and has received the support for development from Creative Europe MEDIA.

    "The budget is estimated at 330,000 EUR, but unfortunately we have not been able to fully finance it and the production companies are currently covering the budget hole," producer Boštjan Virc told FNE. "We will try to fill this with additional investors after we have the rough cut of the film completed. However, I can hardly say how they will respond in the new circumstances."

    Haidy Kancler was born as Maja Seneković in 1982 in Maribor, Slovenia. She graduated from the University of Media and Communication Arts in Maribor. She has worked in various fields of storytelling, beside films, making TV shows, advertisements, promotional and music videos. Kancler works as a freelancer. In 2009 she made her first short documentary High on life! / Zadeta od lajfa!

    Production Information:

    Studio Virc (Slovenia)
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    Flair Film (Austria)
    Kinocompany (Finland)

    Director: Haidy Kancler
    Screenwriter: Iza Strehar, Boštjan Virc
    DoP: Heini Mäntylä
    Editor: Matthias Gugler