PRODUCTION: Bulgarian Director Yana Lekarska Wraps Shooting Debut Feature Because I Love Bad Weather

    Because I Love Bad Weather by Yana Lekarska Because I Love Bad Weather by Yana Lekarska credit: DOP Mladen Minev

    SOFIA: Bulgarian director Yana Lekarska has just finished shooting her first feature film Because I Love Bad Weather, for which the production company Invictus Ltd is open to coproducers.

    The story, written by Lekarska, starts when Irina (30) arrives at her family's country house for the first time in years, and there she meets Boris (40), a neighbour and a childhood friend whom she has not seen for a long time. Irina starts cleaning up her house while desperately waiting for her husband to come; at the same time Boris is trying to cope with the death of his parents. What neither Irina, nor Boris know is that secrets from the past shall be revealed and those secrets might change their lives forever.

    The cast includes Neda Spasova, Vladimir Mihaylov, Boriana Puncheva, Eleni Dekidis, Veselin Rankov and Ivan Barnev.

    “In this film I am exploring the way family and society influence our life choices. How the pressure of having to follow the ‘good example’ of our parents might lead to making the wrong decisions for ourselves. Irina is afraid of shattering the image of her perfect childhood, while Boris is refusing to let go of the bitterness he feels towards his dead parents. But although I deal with such serious topics, the film doesn't lack funny moments. The visual style of the film follows a natural aesthetic, oftentimes using only available light or natural sources, the shadows are soft combined with high contrast.” director Yana Lekarska told FNE.

    For cinematographer Mladen Minev Because I Love Bad Weather is also the first feature as it is for Yana Lekarska. Donka Ivanova, known among others for the Locarno 2016 winner Godless by Ralitsa Petrova, produced by Bulgaria’s Klas Film, Denmark’s Snowglobe and France’s Alcatraz Films, is editing.

    The film produced by Kalin Kalinov through Invictus Ltd was supported by the Bulgarian National Film Center with a development grant in 2018 and a debut feature production grant of 240,000 EUR in 2022. The project participated in the Film+ script lab in Romania in 2019.

    “This  is a passion project of mine and we’ve been working on it for over five years. I am excited to finally see it come to life. We are always open to bringing on board collaborators and coproducers who would be drawn by it. Soon we expect to start showing the project in international forums as a work in progress, and we hope to attract interest from sales agents”, Kalin Kalinov told FNE.

    Тhe film’s shooting period of 18 days was completed on 16 June 2023. Most of the film locations are in small villages in the South Black Sea coast such as Varvara, Ahtopol, Sinemorets and Primorsko.

    The postproduction has already started and will be completed in May 2024.

    Production Information:

    Director Yana Lekarska, credit: Berlinale Talents programmeProducer:
    Invictus Ltd. (Bulgaria)
    This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

    Director: Yana Lekarska
    Scriptwriter:  Yana Lekarska
    DoP: Mladen Minev
    Editor: Donka Ivanova
    Production designer: Tsveta Dimova
    Costume designer: Elena Kostadinova
    Cast: Neda Spasova, Vladimir Mihaylov, Boriana Puncheva, Eleni Dekidis, Veselin Rankov, Ivan Barnev