PRODUCTION: Croatian Rock Documentary Grandpa Guru Shoots in USA

    Grandpa Guru by Silvio Mirošničenko Grandpa Guru by Silvio Mirošničenko credit: Tocka Kulture

    ZAGREB: Croatian screenwriter/director Silvio Mirošničenko is currently filming Grandpa Guru, a long documentary produced by Croatia’s Točka kulture and coproduced by Bosnia and Herzegovina’s Produkcija Scena.

    Grandpa Guru is a psychological portrait with elements of animation that brings an intimate insight into the character of Srđan Gino Jevđević, a musician and performer known to several ex-Yugoslav generations as Gino Banana, and to others as the charismatic frontman of the energetic American multicultural music group Kultur Shock. The authors follow the inner turmoil of the character, in several main topics including the search for identity and spiritual peace, and finding a way out of war trauma.

    The production started in 2021 and the project has been shot on and off throughout the 2022, in Croatia’s cities of Rijeka, Pula and Zagreb, and in Bosnia’s capital Sarajevo. The team has now moved to the USA, where they will be filming in Seattle, New York, Philadelphia, San Francisco and Los Angeles. Interviews with rock legends Jello Biafra (Dead Kennedys), Krist Novoselic (Nirvana) and Billy Gould (Faith No More) are scheduled, as well as numerous interviews with other protagonists of the American punk rock scene.

    In 2020, the film was first presented in the joint application of the Croatian production companies 4film, Propeler Film and Wolfgang & Dolly to the MEDIA Programme for the development of collective projects, which awarded them a total of 301,254 EUR for eight films, including Grandpa Guru. In 2021, the Croatian Audiovisual Centre allocated 59,700 EUR / 450,000 HRK to 4film for the production of Grandpa Guru.

    Meanwhile, 4film moved out of the production and left the project to Točka kulture and Produkcija Scena, who managed to secure additional support from the Foundation for Cinematography Sarajevo and the Ministry of Culture and Sports of the Sarajevo Canton.

    Currently the film is produced by Sanjin Hasanefendić from Točka kulture (Croatia) and coproduced by Amira Kudumović from Produkcija Scena (BiH).

    Production Information:

    Točka kulture (Croatia)
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    Produkcija Scena (Bosnia and Herzegovina)

    Director: Silvio Mirošničenko
    Screenwriters: Sanjin Hasanfendić, Silvio Mirošničenko