Third Season of Hotel Portofino Is Filming in Croatia

    Hotel Portofino Hotel Portofino credit: Drugi Plan

    RIJEKA: The third season of Hotel Portofino starring Natascha McElhone is currently shooting in Croatia. The British TV series serviced by Drugi Plan is the biggest international production filming in Croatia in the summer of 2023, with a total local expenditure exceeding 5.6 m EUR.

    The producers are using the 25% cash rebate through the Filming in Croatia programme of the Croatian Audiovisual Centre.

    The filming started in late June 2023 and will last for 60 days, primarily in the city of Rijeka, but also in Lovran, Opatija, Klana, Zagreb, and various parts of the Istrian region.

    A total of 159 crew members are working on the filming of Hotel Portofino, of which 128 are Croatian tax residents. "The specificity of this project is that almost all members of the film crew are from Croatia, except for the producer, director and make-up artist, which is a rare thing in service productions," said Milodrag Sila, producer and co-owner of Drugi Plan.

    Directed by Adam Wimpenny and Jon Jones, the series created by Matt Baker is set in Italy in the 1920s, and it follows complex family relationships interwoven with a classic whodunit mystery.

    The series is produced by Eagle Eye in association with Beta Film.