PRODUCTION: Taiwanese/Czech Coproduction Malice Set for Shooting in 2023

    Malice Scriptwriter Chia-Hsin Hsieh Malice Scriptwriter Chia-Hsin Hsieh credit: TYDAL Productions

    PRAGUE: The Taiwanese / Czech coproduction Malice / 惡潮 by Lungyin Lim is currently in the script development phase. The film is coproduced by Czech Lonely Production and it will have its postproduction done in the Czech Republic and Europe.

    A mix of genres consisting of action/drama/adventure/thriller, Malice is set in Taiwan and its sea, telling a story about three men who board the last harpoon fishing boat Victory to search for the almost extinct giant swordfish. Haunted by violent shadows of their pasts, their obsessions become their doom.

    “As Malice is a male-driven story, we think the female scriptwriter could help balance masculinity. With a journalist-related background, Chia-Hsin Hsieh is used to finding the abnormal in the usual daily life stories. She draws inspiration from observations of good and evil, including the selfless acts of a good person and what a 'bad person' longs for. We are excited to have her on the journey”, producer Ivy Yu-Hua Shen explained to FNE about the not yet officially announced choice of scriptwriter Chia-Hsin Hsieh.

    The 35 shooting days are set for 2023 in Taiwan. Lim is planning to use Super 16mm with digital VFX.

    The film is produced by Taiwanese Tydal Productions (producers Shee Heng Kuek, Ivy Shen Yu-hua) in coproduction with Czech Lonely Production (producer Michal Sikora) and Taiwanese Aview Images. Currently the budget is estimated at 1,475,697 EUR, of which approximately 20% is already in place.

    Shooting is set to start in December 2023.

    The project is supposed to be finished in the fourth quarter of 2024 and hopefully it will have its world premiere at one of the biggest festivals such as Sundance, Berlin or Cannes in 2025, as the team told FNE.

    Director Lungyin Lim is a former student of FAMU International in Prague. He has recently visited Europe for the Locarno Pro’s Match Me! networking event.

    Malice is the third coproduction between Taiwan and the Czech Republic after Lim’s debut feature Ohong Village (2019, produced by Tydal Productions and coproduced by FAMU) and The Ugly Mandarine by Piaoyu Xie (produced by Czech Analog Vision in coproduction with Slovakia’s kerekesfilm s. r. o. and Taiwanese Flash Forward Entertainment), which is currently in postproduction.

    Production Information:

    Tydal Productions (Taiwan)

    Lonely Production (Czech Republic)
    Aview Images (Taiwan)

    Director: Lungyin Lim
    Scriptwriter: Chia-Hsin Hsieh
    DoP: TBC
    Cast: TBC