PRODUCTION: Dutch/Latvian Family Feature Film The Book of Everything Starts Shooting in Latvia

    The Book of Everything by Ineke Houtman The Book of Everything by Ineke Houtman publicity photo

    RIGA: Family feature film The Book of Everything by Dutch director Ineke Houtman starts shooting in Latvia on 3 August 2022. The Dutch/Latvian coproduction will be shot in Latvia for 16 days and received cash rebates from the Riga Film Fund and the Investment and Development Agency of Latvia.

    Based on the bestselling book under the same title by Dutch author Guus Kuijer, the plot revolves around a 9-year old boy who is capable of seeing things no-one else can.

    Houtman has been present regularly at numerous film festivals and programmes throughout the years, including Berlinale, Cinekid and Ale Kino!, among others.

    The Book of Everything is a coproduction between the Netherlands and Latvia, with three production companies on board – Fatt Productions (NL) with coproducers Kaap Holland Film (NL) and Latvia's White Picture. The feature, with a budget of around 2.2 m EUR, is shot in both the Netherlands and Latvia. The production phase in the Netherlands has already been finished, concluding an 8 days long filming period. Shooting in Latvia will start at the beginning of August and will run for 16 days altogether. The majority of the shoot will take place in Riga Film Studio and a few days in the virtual production studio LED Unit. The decision to film in a virtual studio is an artistic as well as a practical one – the film's story involves quite a few fantasy scenes which would otherwise need to be shot on a greenscreen. Interior scenes will be shot on specially built sets in the historical Riga Film Studio.

    Amidst Dutch cast and crew and a Latvian production crew, Latvian composer Kārlis Auzāns and production designer Laura Dišlere are also involved. Latvian side producer is Alise Ģelze, whose work includes Berlinale Generation winner Mellow Mud by Renārs Vimba and Cannes Directors' Fortnight contestant Oleg by Juris Kursietis.

    The film is funded by the Netherlands Film Fund and the National Film Centre of Latvia (as a minority coproduction). It has received funding from Eurimages, as well as cash rebates from the Riga Film Fund and Investment and Development Agency of Latvia. The Book of Everything is also backed by Dutch broadcaster KRO/NCRV, its distributor in the Benelux countries – September Film (NL) and its world sales agent Nine Film (NL).

    The film's release is planned for 2023.

    Production information:

    Fatt Productions (Netherlands)

    White Picture (Latvia)
    Kaap Film (Netherlands)

    Director: Ineke Houtman
    Screenwriter: Maarten Lebens, Ineke Houtman, Judith Hees
    DoP: Sander Snoep
    Editor: Michiel Reichwijn
    Production Designer: Fanny Kriek, Eke Kriek, Laura Dišlere
    Costume designer: Magriet Procee
    Make-up artist: Marjon Hoogendoorn
    Original music: Kārlis Auzāns, Fons Merkies
    Cast: Brandon Coene, Daan Schuurmans, Sallie Harmsen, Aiko Mila Beemsterboer
    Producers: Hans de Weers (FATT Productions), Maarten Swart (Kaap Holland Film)
    Coproducer: Alise Ģelze (White Picture)