PRODUCTION: Macedonian TV Series on Poet Kosta Racin in Postproduction

    The Red Poet by Nikolce Popovski The Red Poet by Nikolce Popovski

    BITOLA: Macedonia’s Sektor Film is in postproduction with The Red Poet, a TV series by Nikolce Popovski about the famous Macedonian poet Kosta Racin. The first episode will be aired in January 2017.

    The Red Poet by Nikolce PopovskiShooting started in several locations in Bitola on 20 October 2016 and wrapped mid-November 2016. The series, that consists of 10 episodes, received approximately 370,000 EUR / 23 m MKD from the Macedonian Film Agency in 2016. Vladimir Atanasov and Angela Nestorovska are producing through Sektor Film.

    Kosta Solev Racin was one of the most important names in the establishment of modern Macedonian literature, famous for his timeless work White Dawns. The series follows him from birth to death, throughout different events from before WWII (1908) and during the war (1943). Sasko Nasev wrote the script.

    The main characters are played by Aleksandar Ristovski (Kosta Racin) and Natalija Teodosievska. The series will be aired by the Macedonian Radio Television.



    Production Information:

    The Red Poet by Nikolce PopovskiSektor Film 
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    Director: Nikolce Popovski
    Scriptwriter: Sasko Nasev
    DoP: Apostol Trpeski
    Set designer: Kiril Spasevski
    Costume designer: Emilija Ivanovska Atanasovska
    Cast: Aleksandar Ristovski, Natalija Teodosievska