PRODUCTION: Snow White Dies at the End at Works in Progress

    Snow White Dies an the End by Kristijan Risteski Snow White Dies an the End by Kristijan Risteski

    SKOPJE: Macedonian director Kristijan Risteski presented his debut feature Snow White Dies in the End / Snezana umira na krajot at Karlovy Vary’s Eastern Promises Works in Progress on 7 July 2020.

    The project participated in the CineLink Co-Production Market in 2017, the Balkan Film Market in 2017, the script development programme Sources2 2018, and the MIDPOINT script development programme MIDPOINT Intensive MK 2017.

    Snow White Dies at the End is an ensemble comedy/drama taking place in contemporary Skopje and following three different groups of people, whose lives connect. The first story is a love story, the second story is a buddy story and the third story is a commitment story. The film has a non-linear structure. The story begins in the present, continues with the past and ends with what will happen in the future. It is an absurdist drama with strong elements of comedy. The director described it as a story of “human kindness, dignity, and a zest for life.”

    The 111-minute film was shot in the Macedonian and Turkish languages. Producer Darko Popov told FNE that the film “will have additional filming in the next months.”

    Darko Popov is producing through Vertigo Visual. He already secured half of the 370,000 EUR budget but is looking for coproducers as 30,000 EUR is still needed. The Macedonian Film Agency supported the project with 200,000 EUR / 12.3 m MKD in 2016.

    The production is still in need of music, sound post-production, colour grading and the final mix, and the producers are also looking for distribution. Completion is scheduled for 15 January 2021. The producers have applied for funding in Greece and France.

    Production Information:

    Vertigo Visual
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    Director: Kristijan Risteski
    Scriptwriter: Kristijan Risteski
    Producer: Darko Popov
    DoP: Sevdije Kastrati, Dimo Popov
    Cast: Verica Nedeska, Nataša Petrović, Saško Kocev, Deniz Abdula, Ivica Dimitrijević, David Janakiev, Tino Kostadinovski