FNE Teams Up with Warsaw Kids Film Forum for Inspiration Day 2019: Nickelodeon Looks at International Projects


    WARSAW: The Inspiration Day, sponsored by Film New Europe and the Central European Intitiative (CEI), hosted by the Warsaw Kids Film Forum on 25 September 2019, gathered international film professionals working with content for kids. Maria Kosareva, VP Kids & Family brands at Viacom CEE, spoke to FNE exclusively on what content Nickelodeon is looking for globally.

    FNE: During the Forecasting The Future Of Content For Children panel, you said that Viacom has highly invested in building a major library of online content available on social media for the Nickelodeon channel. Should producers approach you with ideas for VOD or SVOD consumption, or rather for linear TV?

    Maria Kosareva: Viacom did launch Viacom Digital Studios a couple of years ago and we can boast millions of users on our online media platforms, but to work with us it makes sense to think about linear TV. We are open to ideas from content creators all over the world, but it is important to understand the Nickelodeon brand and to offer ideas that match the channel's DNA.

    FNE: And what are the main characteristics of a show that you would be willing to consider?

    Maria Kosareva: This means being funny, this is what Nickelodeon is all about and this is what brought us international success also here, in CEE. The show needs to be relatable and inspirational to children, it also should be grounded and gender neutral because Nickelodeon is well known for offering content that works both for boys and girls, and this is the basis for our success. The characters also should be very diverse, because we are a global channel. The idea can come from anywhere, but it should appeal to kids from all over the world.

    FNE: What are the chances of a show produced in the CEE region at Nickelodeon?

    Maria Kosareva: The chances are high if the idea is great. Nickelodeon is open to cooperation with producers from any country and there is a programme named Global Animated Shorts, that we run every year with different themes and we offer the producers a chance to participate and submit their ideas on a theme that we are looking for. We just wrapped up this year's edition in June and the theme was Intergalactic shorts, where we were looking for content about the space and all that is connected to it. Once we choose a new theme and start the new programme, we would be very happy to get more projects from this region.

    The Warsaw Kids Film Forum was sponsored by FNE and CEI (Central European Initiative). For the full list of all sponsors go to Warsaw Kids Film Forum.