PRODUCTION: American/Serbian LGBTQ+ Erotic Thriller To Be Shot in Serbia

    Star of Personal Trainer, Adam Davenport Star of Personal Trainer, Adam Davenport

    BELGRADE: The American/Serbian erotic thriller Personal Trainer by Stephen Riscica, starring Fanny Ardant, is currently scouting for locations in Serbia. It will be the first English-language LGBTQ+ production to be shot in Serbia and the Eastern Europe. The production plans to use the Serbian incentive scheme for foreign productions.

    The story focuses on the relationship between an obsessive personal trainer and his client. Claude, an American expat who has used his privilege to manipulate men sexually, has relocated to Serbia during the pandemic and has moved into the estate of his mother, a half-Serb-half-French retired entrepreneur with powerful connections. Claude concocts an expensive scheme where he hires an African-American personal fitness trainer for whom he has more devious intentions.

    The feature stars Haaz Sleiman, Adam Davenport, Fanny Ardant and Omar Sharif Jr., whereas the casting for Serbian actors is underway. The screenplay was written by Nicholas Bell, based on a story by Davenport, Riscica and Bell. The director of photography is the Serbian Aleksandar Karaulić.

    Martine Melloul of Kali Pictures, Davenport and Marko Čkonjević of Belgrade’s Fame Solutions will coproduce, with Dragan Đurković of Vision Team overseeing production in Serbia. Lee Filipovski is the associate producer. Chris Myers of Global Resource Advisors and Gato Scatena and Jordan Rosner of Scatena & Rosner Films (S&R) are executive producers.

    Shooting is expected to start in the second half of September 2021.

    Scatena & Rosner Films is responsible for handling international sales at the Virtual Cannes Market 2021.

    Production Information:

    Kali Pictures (USA)

    Fame Solutions (Serbia)
    Contact person: Marko Čkonjević (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)

    Director: Stephen Riscica
    Scriptwriter: Nicholas Bell on a story by Adam Devenport, Stephen Riscica, Nicholas Bell
    DoP: Aleksandar Karaulić
    Cast: Haaz Sleiman, Adam Davenport, Fanny Ardant, Omar Sharif Jr.