PRODUCTION: Slovak/Ukrainian TV Series Slavs Starts Postproduction


    BRATISLAVA: The epic historical TV series Slavs / Slovania is a Slovak/Ukrainian coproduction between Wanda Hrycová´s Wandal Production and Andrey Yermak´s European partnership media group. The 12-part series will premiere in September 2020 on TV JOJ in Slovakia and 1+1 channel in the Ukraine.

    This historical adventure series is set in the 7th century and follows the lives of the occupants of the Carpathian basin at the time before the union of Slav tribes. The series is a fictitious reconstruction of the historical period and also works with elements of fantasy and the supernatural. The motives were chosen from Slovak and Ukranian folk literature, songs and fairy tales, which helped the authors to create a separate, unique world.

    The main characters are played by Ukrainian actress Polina Nosykhina and Slovak actors Juraj Loj, Tomáš Maštalír, Dušan Cinkota and Jana Kvantiková.

    The 106 shooting days took place from May to October 2019 mostly in the Ukraine. Other locations were set in Slovakia and the Czech Republic.

    The budget of 3.6 m EUR was supported by the Ministry of Culture of the Ukraine and the Slovak Audiovisual Fund, which supported the project with 180,000 EUR.

    Production Information:

    European Partnership Media Group (Ukraine)
    Wandal Production (Slovakia)
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    TV JOJ Slovenská produkčná, a.s. (Slovakia)

    Screenplay : Jozef Koleják, Veronika Kolejáková, Ján Luterán
    Directors: Peter Bebjak, Michal Blaško, Serhii Sanin, Oleg Stakhursky
    DOP: Martin Žiaran, Stanislav Adam, Volodymyr Ivanov
    Cameramen: Maroš Žilinčan, Tomáš Frkal, Aleš Svoboda, Volodymyr Palylyk, Kryštof Melka
    Production Sound Mixer: Peter Polak
    Art Director: Pavlo Yarmusevich
    Costume Desinger: Kaya Vitvitska
    Make-up artist superviser: Michaela Kickova
    Make up artist on set: Mariia Ortynska
    Stunt coordinator: Roman Jankovič