PRODUCTION: Slovak Remake of Perfect Strangers Starts Postproduction

    Director Zuzana Marianková and Czech actress Klára Issová Director Zuzana Marianková and Czech actress Klára Issová

    BRATISLAVA: Known Unknown / Známi neznámi, the feature debut of young Slovak director Zuzana Marianková, is entering postproduction. The remake of the 2016 Italian blockbuster Perfect Strangers is produced by Wandal Production, which has acquired rights for Slovakia and the Czech Republic, with the adaptation of the screenplay by Petr Jarchovský. 

    The shooting with Slovak and Czech actors took place in Bratislava during August 2020.

    „At this moment, the film is in the editing room. Sound and image postproduction is planned for October and November, and the marketing and PR campaign will take place at the same time,“ PR manager Radomír Brhlík told FNE.

    The comedy is about a group of friends who learn more about themselves during one New Year's Eve celebration in Prague than in their entire lives. They have known each other for a long time and this meeting would have been held in the spirit of a classic New Year's Eve celebration, if no one had come up with an idea: put mobile phones on the table and share every SMS, even every incoming call.

    The estimated budget of the film is 800.000 EUR, with support from coproducers, television sales, and the Slovak Audiovisual Fund.

    Známi neznámi will be distributed by ITAFILM and the premiere is planned for 26 November 2020.

    Production information:

    Tomáš Maštalír and Táňa Pauhofová in Known Unknown by Zuzana MariankováProducer:
    Wandal Production (Slovakia)
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    Angry Tiger (Slovakia)
    En libre (Slovakia)

    Director: Zuzana Marianková
    Screenplay: Filippo Bologna,  Paolo Costella,  Paolo Genovese, Paola Mammini, Rolando Ravello
    Adaptation of screenplay: Petr Jarchovský, Zuzana Mariankova
    DoP: Peter Bencsík
    Set Design: Viera Dandová
    Costumes: Alexandra Grusková
    Editor: Matej Beneš
    Music: Slavo Solovic