PRODUCTION: Slovak Romantic Gangster Film in Postproduction

    Strawmen Scare No Crows by Rasťo Boroš Strawmen Scare No Crows by Rasťo Boroš

    BRATISLAVA: Slovak producer/director Rasťo Boroš starts postproduction on his second feature Strawmen Scare No Crows / Čierne na bielom koni.

    The main part of the production, 33 shooting days, took place in the southern part of Slovakia in July and August 2020.

    Through eight chapters, the film tells three stories about the transgression of moral values ​​and its consequences, against the background of the absurd present. Stories from a special region of Slovakia are told in a hyperbolic abbreviation, with distinctive scenography and magical elements.

    „We did not follow the path of verism, naturalism. For example, we selected locations based on a specific light but re-created the entire scenography. We created parables in storytelling and hyperbola, for example, in acting,“ Boroš told FNE.

    The film is produced by Boroš´s company LIPSTICK and coproduced by RTVS.

    The estimated budget is 1,018,000 EUR. The production of the film already cost 680,000 EUR. The financing of postproduction is in negotiation. The film is supported by the Slovak Audiovisual Fund, Kult Minor, and RTVS.

    The premiere is planned for September 2021. Continental film will be distributing.

    Production information:

    Strawmen Scare No Crows by Rasťo BorošProducer:
    LIPSTICK s.r.o. (Slovakia)
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    RTVS (Slovakia)

    Story by: Rasťo Boroš
    Scriptwriter, director: Rasťo Boroš
    DoP: Tomasz Wierzbicki
    Set Design: Miriam Struhárová
    Line producers: Dáša Parízková, Albert Malinovský a Jana Koršová
    Producer: Rasťo Boroš
    Cast: Milan Ondrík, Rebeka Poláková, Attila Mokos, Tomáš Mischura, Janka Kovalčiková, Petr Vaněk, Tomáš Jeřábek, Zoltán Mucsi