PRODUCTION: Czech/Slovak Snake Gas in Preproduction

    Snake Gas by David Jařab Snake Gas by David Jařab

    BRATISLAVA: The Czech/Slovak adventure drama Snake Gas / Hadí plyn directed by David Jařab is moving into preproduction. Arina Film production is the Slovak coproducer.

    The producers plan 28 shooting days in the spring of 2022 on locations in Slovakia, the Czech Republic and Croatia.

    „We've cast the well-known Slovak actor Richard Stanke in one of the main characters of the film. Other Slovak actors will also appear in smaller episodes,“ Slovak coproducer Sylvia Panáková told FNE.

    The film is inspired by Joseph Conrad's book Heart of Darkness. While Conrad's novel tells the story of the problematic penetration of Europe's interior into Africa, Snake Gas wants to reflect the time when the colonies decided to enter Europe due to unsustainable conditions and dramatic circumstances. The basic dramatic line has the character of searching for and reflecting on an intimate relationship to violence.

    The producers have already covered 70% of the estimated 1.1m EUR budget. The film is supported by the Czech Film Fund and received support of 75,000 EUR from the Slovak Audiovisual Fund.

    Snake Gas will be released in 2023.

    Production information:

    Cineart TV Prague (Czech Republic)
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    Arina Film production (Slovakia)
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    Czech television
    (Czech Republic)

    Snake Gas by David JařabCredits:
    Director: David Jařab
    Screenplay: David Jařab
    DoP: Oleg Mutu
    Editor: Jan Daňhel
    Music: Jakub Kudláč
    Set Design: Viera Dandová
    Costumes: Sylva Zimula Hanáová
    Sound: Richard Műller
    Cast: Karel Roden, Richard Stanke, Stanislav Majer, Martin Pechlát, Braňo Mosný