PRODUCTION: Jiří Strach Preps Slovak/Czech TV Series Hunter


    BRATISLAVA: The mystery crime TV series Hunter / Lovec by Jiří Strach is getting ready for production. The total of eight episodes are produced by Slovak TRIGON PRODUCTION in coproduction with Slovakia‘s TV JOJ and the Czech Television.

    Actor Pavel Kříž, photo: Jan Zátorský, MAFRA

    The production is planned from October 2022 until July 2023.

    Hunter tells the story of Tomáš, who works for a Vatican organisation in absolute secrecy. Most criminal cases can be investigated by conventional police methods, but there are also cases and murders in which rational arguments are not enough and it is clear to the insiders that the perpetrator is a demon-possessed person. And this is the domain of Thomas and other "hunters." After a tense meeting with Alice, his unorthodox approach will intensify.

    Tomáš Koňařík, Adam Doležal, Petr Hudský and David Ziegelbauer co-wrote the script, and Pavel Kříž and Jana Kolesárová play the main characters.

    „TRIGON PRODUCTION has been planning to collaborate with director Jiří Strach for several years, but a suitable combination of ‘time availability and a good project‘ had to come. Finally, the series will be action-packed, mysterious and well-casted. The director's plan is to fill the episodic roles with top Slovak and Czech actors,” producer Patrik Pašš told FNE.

    The producers have already covered 45% of the 3.56 m EUR budget. The other 45% is in the contratual process and 10% is planned to be covered by grants. The estimated amount per episode is 440,000 EUR. The project is supported by the Slovak Audiovisual Fund, TV JOJ and the Czech Television.

    The release is planned for the autumn of 2024 on TV JOJ and Czech Television.

    Production Information:

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    TV JOJ (Slovakia)
    Czech Television (Czech Republic)

    Director:  Jiří Strach
    Scripwriters: Tomáš Koňařík, Adam Doležal, Petr Hudský, David Ziegelbauer
    DOP: Martin Šec
    Editor: Alena Spustová
    Sound designer: Peter Németh
    Production designer: Braňo Mihálik
    Music: Ondřej Brzobohatý
    Costume designer: Jan Kocman
    Cast: Pavel Kříž, Jana Kolesárová