PRODUCTION: Ita Rina, A Film Star Who Refused an Invitation to Hollywood in Postproduction

    Ita Rina by Marta Frelih Ita Rina by Marta Frelih

    LJUBLJANA: Marta Frelih entered postproduction with her long documentary Ita Rina: A Film Star Who Refused an Invitation to Hollywood, about the first Slovenian film actress who became famous outside Yugoslavia.

    The film is the third long documentary by the director and costume designer Marta Frelih after Alma M. Karlin: The Odyssey of a Lonley Woman (Cebram, 2009) and Ivana Kobilca: A Portrait of a Painter (Fabula, 2007).

    Born in 1907, Italina Lida "Ida" Kravanja known as Ita Rina, became famous in Europe and especially in France for her role in Erotikon (1929) by Gustav Machaty. At the height of her glory she got married and refused an invitation to Hollywood. After that she appeared in a few German/Yugoslav coproductions but her career slowly faded.

    Ita Rina is produced by Rado Likon through Cebram in coproduction with RTV Slovenia and Slovenska kinoteka. The estimated budget of 99,700 EUR is supported by the Slovenian Film Center with 75,000 EUR

    The film was shot in Slovenia (Ljubljana, Divača), Croatia (Zagreb), Serbia (Belgrade), Germany (Berlin), Estonia (Tallinn), Czech Republic (Prague) and the U.S. (Los Angeles, San Francisco) in 2015. Sound editing is scheduled for April 2016, Marta Frelih told FNE.

    The premiere will take place in Divača, the birthplace of Ita Rina on Ita Rina’s birthday, 7 July 2016. Later on the film will be screened at the Slovenska kinoteka and will be broadcast on the national television RTV Slovenia.

    Production Information:
    Ita RinaCebram, d.o.o.
    Študentovska ulica 2
    1000 Ljubljana
    SI – Slovenija
    Phone: +386 (0)1 230 23 53
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    Director & Screenwriter: Marta Frelih
    DoP: Rado Likon
    Editor: Snježana Gazdić
    Production Manager: Nina Marucelj