PRODUCTION: Sonja Prosenc Develops History of Love

    History Of Love by Sonja Prosenc History Of Love by Sonja Prosenc

    LJUBLJANA: Slovenian director Sonja Prosenc, whose debut feature The Tree (2014, Monoo) has been selected by the Association of Slovenian Filmmakers (DSFU) as the country's candidate for the Best Foreign Language Film at the Academy Awards in 2016, is developing her new feature film History of Love.

    Set up as a contemporary psychological drama, the film tells the story of a girl who, after the death of her mother, submerges herself in a world completely different from the one she is used to, in order to come to terms with her new reality.

    “The project is in the development phase and the principal photography is scheduled for summer 2017,” Sonja Prosenc told FNE. She also wrote the screenplay and will produce alongside Rok Sečen through Monoo.

    History of Love is already highly anticipated and has received two awards, TRL Espresso Award and EAVE Scholarship Award, at the 6th edition of the coproduction forum When East Meets West, which ran from 24 to 26 January 2016 alongside the Trieste Film Festival. The project was also a part of Torino Film Lab and MIDPOINT.

    “We received from the Slovenian Film Center development co-financing in the amount of 17,000 EUR and also 10,000 EUR from the RE-ACT Co-development Scheme. Production co-financing by the Slovenian Film Center and the national film studio Viba film is also secured“, producer Rok Sečen told FNE. The estimated budget is 1.2 m EUR. Potential Italian and Croatian coproducers are not yet confirmed.

    Prosenc, who graduated from Journalism with a major in Cultural Studies, is the co-founder of the film production house Monoo.

    Production Information:
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    1000 Ljubljana
    SI – Slovenia
    Phone: +386 41 666 392
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    Director: Sonja Prosenc
    Screenwriter: Sonja Prosenc
    DoP: Mitja Ličen