PRODUCTION: To the Stars and Back in Postproduction

    To the Stars and Back by Marko Šantić shooting To the Stars and Back by Marko Šantić shooting

    LJUBLJANA: The family drama To the Stars and Back / Do zvezd in nazaj by Marko Šantić completed shooting at the end of October 2017 and has entered postproduction. Šantić won the Best directing Vesna award in 2013 for his first feature Seduce Me (2013, RTV Slovenija).

    Mia is the daughter of Matej, a doctor, who lived with his partner Luka, an actor. After Matej’s death she and Luka have not just to cope with the emptiness after their loss but also have to fight for the existence of this unconventional family, especially while Mia’s grandmother and grandfather want to win custody over their granddaughter.

    Primož Bezjak in To the Stars and Back by Marko Šantić The main roles are played by a newcommer Nadja Debeljak and by the renowned Slovenian film and theatre actors Primož Bezjak (Rooster’s Breakfast, 2007, Arsmedia) and Jernej Šugman (Nightlife, 2016, Vertigo). “We hope that the viewers will realise that love is universal and it doesn’t differ by sex,” Bezjak told FNE.

    To the Stars and Back was entirely produced by RTV Slovenija with an estimated budget of 510,000 EUR.

    The film was shot in 30 days in Ljubljana and in the Primorska region between August and October 2017 and it is expected to be finished in autumn 2018.

    The director Marko Šantić was born in 1983 in Split (Croatia). After finishing studying at AGRFT in Ljubljana he directed short films and gained domestic and international recognition with his feature drama Seduce Me. To the Stars and Back is his second feature film.

    Production Information:

    RTV Slovenija
    Drama department
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    Director Marko Šantić 


    Director: Marko Šantić
    Screenwriter: Irena Svetek
    DoP: Marko Hočevar
    Editor: Tomislav Pavlic
    Production Designer: Mateja Medvedić
    Costume Designer: Marko Jenko
    Make-up artist: Katja Krnc
    Composer: Davor Herceg
    Cast: Nadja Debeljak, Primož Bezjak, Jernej Šugman, Olga Kacjan, Silva Čušin, Ivo Ban, Gal Golov, Tanja Ribič, Jana Zupančič, Toni Janežič, Valter Dragan