PRODUCTION: Fourth Season of Black & White World Wraps in Croatia

    PRODUCTION: Fourth Season of Black & White World Wraps in Croatia credit: Interfilm

    ZAGREB: The 100-day shoot of the fourth season of Black & White World / Crno-bijeli svijet, the Croatian period drama with elements of comedy, has wrapped filming. The TV series is produced by Interfilm for the Croatian National Television. Written and directed by Goran Kulenović and Igor Mirković, it follows the stories of different generations of citizens of Zagreb in the 1980s, marked by the blooming rock music scene under the communist regime.

    The filming of the fourth season started as soon as the anti-pandemic lockdown measures were lifted. It engaged 210 actors in speaking roles, out of whom 130 appeared in the series for the first time. The filming took place in 120 locations, starting in Zagreb and ending in Split.

    “When finishing a huge project like this, the first wave of happiness is followed by tiredness that you didn’t feel during filming: you notice your weight has dropped, and you have dozens of unpaid bills and unanswered emails. However, whenever someone asks where we were during the quarantine of 2020, we’ll be able to say: we were filming,” Mirković said.

    The 12 new episodes cost around 130,000 EUR / 1 m HRK each, and will premiere on the Croatian National Television starting December 2020.

    Production information:


    Produced for Croatian National Television

    Written and directed by: Goran Kulenović, Igor Mirković
    Producer: Ivan Maloča
    Executive producer: Maja Vukić
    Cast: Filip Riđički (Kipo), Slavko Sobin (Žungul), Jelena Miholjević (Ksenija), Franjo Kuhar (Dominik), Karlo Maloča (Žac), Sreten Mokrović (Jura), Anica Dobra (Jagoda), Kaja Šišmanović (Una), Sara Stanić (Marina), Elizabeta Kukić (Dunja)