BOX OFFICE: BANGER. Shot with iPhone Scores Third Spot in Czech BO

    BANGER. by Adam Sedlák BANGER. by Adam Sedlák credit: Shore Points production

    PRAGUE: BANGER., the second feature from director Adam Sedlák, premiered on 22 September 2022 and had 23 127 admissions during its first weekend in 148 cinemas. The film ranked third in the domestic BO, right after the renewed launch of Avatar (2009) and Medieval.

    BANGER. tells the story of a drug dealer Alex, who is known for selling the best cocaine in Prague, but wants to enter the rap scene to make his own banger. Things get complicated when he decides to arrange a feat with an already famous real rapper Barracuda and has to gather a big amount of money. That means selling a lot of drugs during one evening.

    The film distributed by Bontonfilm is closely connected with the Czech music scene as the main characters are pop and rap interpreters such as Adam Mišík, Marsell Bendig or previously mentioned Sergei Barracuda. Sedlák also uses social media as a part of the narrative style as he did in his millennial web series Semester (2016), produced by Shore Points production.

    BANGER., produced by the same company, was shot with an iPhone with a budget of 280 089 EUR / 6.9 m CZK. It premiered at the Karlovy Vary International Film Festival just like Adam Sedlák's debut film, the psychological drama Domestique (2018). The debut had a slightly smaller budget of 263 852 EUR / 6.5 m CZK but had only 1 478 admissions and made 5 292 EUR / 130 372 CZK gross in the Czech Republic, as it was only distributed in 68 local art cinemas. BANGER. made 105 067 EUR / 2 588 336 CZK during the first weekend and 110 174 EUR / 2 714 137 CZK gross so far

    In comparison, another currently shown film, the satirical comedy Somewhere Over the Chemtrails from Adam Koloman Rybanský, produced by Bratři and also distributed by Bontonfilm, which premiered at this year's Berlinale, had a budget of 527 704 EUR / 13 000 000 CZK. It attracted 13 429 admissions in 200 cinemas and made 32 558 EUR / 802 071 CZK during the first weekend, 77 480 EUR / 1 908 728 CZK gross altogether.