PRODUCTION: Erle Veber Shoots Estonian Documentary Art Therapy

    Art Therapy director Erle Veber Art Therapy director Erle Veber credit: Erle Veber, Kopli Kinokompanii (Estonia)

    TALLINN: The Estonian director/DoP/editor Erle Veber is currently in production with her documentary Art Therapy / Mäetamme seansid, about Estonian artist Marko Mäetamm and the healing effect of contemporary art on the spirit of both the artist and the audience.

    The film dives into the world of Mäetamm, into what serving the people as an artist is, and examines the role of a sensitive and courageous creator in influencing the thought patterns of society. At the same time, the film asks what the role of the contemporary artist is. Can we accept what the artist offers and benefit from it? As contemporaries, do we know the language of our artists? Who is the artist talking to? Where is the artist's place in the collective image of our society?

    “Traumas and dramas, storms and confusions, discomfort and shame are the best starting point and fuel. The public unraveling and ridicule of inner tangles has become an artist's way of life. Thus, his work is a chronicle of life's zigzags, which reflects well the conditions and struggles of a person, a man, an Estonian, an artist as he grows, develops and always proves himself. It must take a lot of courage to open up like that. You can't care too much about condemnation and disapproval, or at least the need, faith and love for the chosen path must be greater than the fear of being beaten. Is this enormous courage or rather an extension of courage: a good opportunity to say through art what would otherwise remain unsaid out of politeness or cowardice?”, Erle Veber told FNE.

    Anneli Ahven is producing through Estonia’s Kopli Kinokompanii with a total budget of 253,000 EUR.

    “The Estonian financing is planned at 70% and we are looking for 30% as international contribution. In 2024, we participate in several coproduction markets to find potential coproducers and sales agents interested in documentaries about contemporary art. The film also includes animation elements which reflect different periods of Marko Mäetamm’s artist journey, so an animation partner from another country would enrich the project very much”, producer Anneli Ahven told FNE.

    Art Therapy will be completed in the spring of 2026.

    Production Information:

    Kopli Kinokompanii (Estonia)
    Anneli Ahven: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

    Director: Erle Veber
    Scriptwriter: Erle Veber
    Co-writer: Urmas Vadi
    DoP: Erle Veber
    Editor: Erle Veber
    Composer: Vaiko Eplik