PRODUCTION: Algimantas Puipa Preps Lithuanian Midnight Show

    Midnight Show by Algimantas Puipa - still of the casting session Midnight Show by Algimantas Puipa - still of the casting session author: Linas Žiura

    VILNIUS: Acclaimed Lithuanian director/writer Algimantas Puipa’s new project is the feature film Midnight Show / Vidurnakčio seansas, whose filming is due to start in September 2023.

    Ovidijus Morkus, a watchmaker, accidentally wanders into a mysterious cinema and greedily watches Liza, a film star, sleeping in bed. His life changes. A girl, Olimpija, whom he meets in the cinema, becomes his companion in the strange labyrinth of the cinema dream world. In the darkness of the hall, mysterious officials of a film corporation are rummaging, searching for victims among the loyal audience and rewriting their fates in their cramped offices: to die under the wheels of a car, in a plane crash or from a stroke while sleeping soundly in bed.

    The main cast includes Dainius Gavenonis, Aleksas Kazanavičius and Gabrielė Kuodytė.

    The film is produced by Stasys Baltakis and Kristijonas Puipa through Lithuanian Film Jam.

    "Film Jam and director Algimantas Puipa are very happy to collaborate with Jaroslav Melnik, who is the best known Lithuanian writer abroad. His books were among bestsellers and books of the year in France, the UK and many other countries, while he is relatively little known in his homeland Lithuania. The team is also thrilled to collaborate with Ukrainian composer Anton Baibakov, one of the best Ukrainian cinema composers", producer Stasys Baltakis told FNE.

    The total budget is approximately 900,000 EUR. The project was financed by the Lithuanian Film Centre in 2023 and it was also supported by the Lithuanian tax incentives and Film Jam.

    “We will be shooting in September – October 2023 and next year we are doing postproduction with a planned premiere for September 2024”, Stasys Baltakis also said.

    Production Information:

    Film Jam (Lithuania)
    Stasys Baltakis: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

    Director: Algimantas Puipa
    Screenwriters: Algimantas Puipa (based on stories by Jaroslav Melnik)
    DoP: Linas Žiūra
    Composer: Anton Baibakov
    Cast: Dainius Gavenonis, Aleksas Kazanavičius, Gabrielė Kuodytė