PRODUCTION: Macedonian Director Igor Aleksov Shooting Debut Feature Lena and Vladimir


SKOPJE: Macedonian director Igor Aleksov is currently shooting his debut feature Lena and Vladimir, which has been supported by the Macedonian Film Agency. The film is a 100% domestic production.

Two people try to escape from themselves and the world. He lost his love, she never had one. The story of Lena and Vladimir is the story of rebirth and falling in love again with life.

The main characters are played by Toni Naumovski and Sara Klimoska. The cast includes Petar Mirchevski, Petar Arsovski, Blagoja Chorevski, Kiril Korunovski, Luran Ahmeti and Deniz Abdula.

Dejan Iliev and Ilija Ciriviri are producing  through Macedonia’s Mind Production with the support of the Macedonian Film Agency. The budget is approximately 300,000 EUR.

Shooting began in the village of Saraj near Skopje, as main location, on 19 July 2018 and it will continue on various locations in Skopje and surroundings until mid-August 2018.

The premiere is expected to be not later than March 2019. No sales agent has been attached yet.

Production Information:
Mind Production
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Director: Igor Aleksov
Screenwriter: Aleksandar Rusjakov
DoP: Dushan Kardalevski
Editor: Martin Ivanov
Production designer: Vlatko Zafirkovski - Svire
Sound designer: Darko Spasovski  - Packi
Composer: Darko Spasovski - Packi
Cast: Toni Naumovski, Sara Klimoska, Petar Mirchevski, Petar Arsovski, Blagoja Chorevski, Kiril Korunovski, Luran Ahmeti, Deniz Abdula