PRODUCTION: City'44 goes into production

    City'44 cast Kuba Wesołowski (L) and Anna Próchniak (C), with director Jan Komasa (P) City'44 cast Kuba Wesołowski (L) and Anna Próchniak (C), with director Jan Komasa (P)

    WARSAW: After six years of development, Jan Komasa started work on a contemporary drama on the Warsaw Uprising.

    Director of the highly praised Suicide Room, Jan Komasa, and production company Akson Studio (www.akson-studio.pl) are holding casting calls all over the country to find actors to play in Miasto'44 (City'44), a highly awaited major production on one of the most significant episodes in Polish history.  

    The script, co-written by Komasa and Maciej Pisuk (You Are God), will follow a love triangle between Sebastian and two girls - Kama and Biedronka. The characters are part of a partisan group "Radosław" that took part in the Uprising and fought their way from the Wola district to Czerniaków.

    "Michał Kwieciński, the producer of my previous film Ode To Joy has talked me into this project. He had dreamed of a production that I would have never even thought of, a costume cinema about young people made by someone who is roughly the same age as the characters. It's worth pointing out that he started pushing for this title in 2005, when films like Andrzej Wajda's Katyń or popular history series Time of Honour didn't even exist. There was no cinema on history as such! It is wonderful when producers have the guts to get into something totally new, they believe in the project and create something original, not pleasing to the general tastes and not copying what was already done" Jan Komasa told FNE.

    The film is produced with a major planned budget of 21m PLN ( EUR 5.1m). The film had already received financing from the Polish Film Institute (www.pisf.pl).

    Jan Komasa has already chosen Kuba Wesołowski and Anna Próchniak to play the leads in his new film and is looking to complete the cast with young, unknown actors. The dates of the shoot have not yet been revealed, but the premiere of the picture is planned for August of 2014, the 70th anniversary of the breakout of the Warsaw Uprising. The director promises an unconventional approach to history. "In this movie we will try to escape the politics, because it is fully covered in books and during discussion panels. We will try to show certain emotions", Jan Komasa told FNE.

    Production contact:

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    tel: +48 22 840 68 30
    fax: +48 22 841 77 82
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