PRODUCTION: Patryk Vega in Postproduction with His Last Polish Language Film

    Love, Sex & Pandemic by Patryk Vega Love, Sex & Pandemic by Patryk Vega

    WARSAW: The director of Polish box office hits Patryk Vega has revealed his secret project, Autobiography (working title), a very personal film intended to be his last project in Polish, as he plans to move to English-language projects.

    The film shot in November 2021 was financed privately and produced by the director's company Vega Investments.

    “The events in the script take place over the course of nearly 40 years of my life. There will be a lot of difficult things for me, no censorship, I will expose myself and show my mistakes. I did not act in this film, because I would not want to make anyone think it is a documentary. It is a feature film”, Patryk Vega said. As he has always done with his films, he hasn’t disclosed the cast.

    The premiere is already set for 30 September 2022. After that, the director/producer has new plans. “I'm going to work on an English-language film with a Hollywood actor about the Russian mafia. When you look at films of this type, there is usually one Hollywood actor surrounded by professional, great actors from Europe. This is the only way to enter the international market. I will definitely want Polish actors to appear in this international project”, the director told the local media.

    Patryk Vega's films have recently broken records of popularity in Poland and abroad. Unfortunately, the results of his latest production Love, Sex & Pandemic (Vega Investments) were lower than average. The film, distributed by Kino Świat, had 98,433 admissions during the opening weekend of 4-6 February 2022. With this result, the production earned the third worst opening among the director's films in the last decade.

    Production Information:

    Vega Investments (Poland)

    Director: Patryk Vega
    Screenwriter: Patryk Vega