PRODUCTION: Polish Director Marcin Filipowicz in Postproduction with Brothers

    Brothers by Marcin Filipowicz Brothers by Marcin Filipowicz

    WARSAW: Marcin Filipowicz is currently in postproduction with Brothers / Braty, the fourth project produced by the Polish Filmmakers Association Munk Studio together with CANAL+ Polska in their 60 Minutes programme.

    Brothers is an intimate story about accelerated growing up, whose main character Filip (Hubert Miłkowski) is still a kid despite his 17 years. He has always lived in the shadow of his brother Bartek (Sebastian Dela), who is a role model for him. The death of their mother leaves the family shattered. Father (Cezary Łukasiewicz), once a great dad and husband, locks up in his room every evening and uses drugs to forget about the suffering. Filip believes that one day the strong family ties will return and life will be as beautiful as before.

    Łukasz M. Maciejewski penned the script.

    “It is the inner world of a teenager that interests me. It is a state of confusion on many levels: in the relationship with the brother, the father, and especially with oneself. This is the time when you look for your place in the world and feel in the dark when you build your own identity and sensitivity”, says director Marcin Filipowicz.

    Ewa Jastrzębska and Jerzy Kapuściński were responsible for the production on the part of Munk Studio. The film is produced by the Polish Filmmakers Association, and coproduced by CANAL+ Polska , the Mazovia Institute of Culture and ATV Group. The Polish Film Institute supported the project.

    Brothers will be released in Polish cinemas in the autumn of 2022.

    WATCH THE TEASER: https://bit.ly/broys-teaser 

    Production Information:

    Polish Filmmakers Association Munk Studio (Poland)
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    CANAL+ Polska (Poland)
    Mazovia Institute of Culture (Poland)
    ATV Group (Poland)

    Director: Marcin Filipowicz
    Screenwriter: Łukasz M. Maciejewski
    DoP: Mateusz Skalski
    Production designers: Marii Dziewanowska-Kowalska, Jędrzej Kowalski
    Costume designer:  Paulina Sieniarska
    Editor: Ireneusz Grzyb
    Cast: Hubert Miłkowski, Sebastian Dela, Cezary Łukasiewicz