PRODUCTION: Greek Film Centre Supports Labour Day by Mladen Đorđević

    Director Mladen Djordjevic Director Mladen Djordjevic

    BELGRADE: Labour Day / Prvi maj, Mladen Đorđević’s new feature film project, has received a 40,000 EUR grant from the Greek Film Centre, making it yet another Serbian/Greek coproduction.

    Film Center Serbia supported this project with 250,000 EUR in June 2016.

    In the story, a factory that used to employ the whole town and the surrounding villages, has been closed in a shady privatisation, while a group of its workers died in a planted fire. Their friends and family members, also former workers of the factory, feeling abandoned by the authorities and the church, turn to the supernatural, hoping for help. On the First of May, Labour Day, the workers led by the mysterious Elijah, who they believe might be the embodiment of the force they were calling for, take revenge on their exploiters.

    The director views it as a film about the potential for rebellion and the unlimited power and strength, which, in his opinion, sleeps in each of us, hidden in a hard shell. He explained, that through this film he wishes to express his personal view on the painful topic of the transition from a socialist to a capitalist society and to give a fresh angle on it by combining engaged social-political realism with elements of a psychological thriller.

    Labour Day / Prvi maj is Đorđević’s second fiction feature film; he debuted in 2009 with his much-praised film The Life and Death of a Porn Gang / Život i smrt porno bande, produced by Baš Čelik.

    The film is produced by Mladen Đorđević himself and his company Corona Film, and Milan Stojanović through his SENSE Production, with Maria Drandaki for the Greek company Homemade Films. Shooting is set to start in 2019.

    Production Information:

    Corona Film (Serbia)
    SENSE Production (Serbia)
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    Homemade Films (Greece)

    Director: Mladen Đorđević
    Scriptwriter: Mladen Đorđević
    Producers: Mladen Đorđević, Milan Stojanović