PRODUCTION: Slovak/Czech Animated Series The Websters 3 in Production

    The Websters 3 by Katarína Kerekesová The Websters 3 by Katarína Kerekesová

    BRATISLAVA: The long animated film version of The Websters 3 / Websterovci 3 series by Katarína Kerekesová continues production, which started in March 2020. The Slovak/Czech coproduction is part of The Websters brand, which has already released 13 episodes and three books of stories.

    The production is taking place in Bratislava and Prague.The combination of 3D animations and live action extends the traditional 3D processing used in previous episodes.

    „We are currently working on animating the combined shots that are part of the connecting story. Some are already slowly transitioning to postproduction, but some were still live shot last week. At the same time, we are establishing the layout of the last episode and finishing with the animation of the penultimate one“, director/producer Katarína Kerekesová told FNE.

    The Websters 3 / Websterovci 3 is a continuation of a popular spider family story. The youngest Lili has already been through various adventures, but now she is in for the biggest and most dangerous of them all: meeting a human being. Lili becomes friends with a big human girl and together they will admit that it doesn’t matter how big or small one is.

    The film is produced by Kerekesova´s Fool Moon and coproduced by 13ka, Progressive FX, RTVS and the Czech Television. The producers have already covered 96% of the expected budget of 1,146,000 EUR, with support from the Slovak Audiovisual Fund and the Czech Film Fund.

    The previous episodes, produced by Fool Moon in coproduction with Polish Studio Miniatur Filmowych and RTVS, were originally made for television and were screened in cinemas in two blocks of six episodes.

    Unlike the previous episodes, The Websters 3 is intended for cinemas and framed by a unifying story. Another second long animated film and seven new TV episodes are in development and planned for release in 2024.

    The Websters 3 will premiere in March 2022.

    The Websters won Best Animated film of 2017 at the Sun in a Net awards, as well as the IGRIC Award for Animated film. One of the episodes, Hero Daddy, was nominated for the Best TV Series at Stuttgart International Festival for Animated Film (ITFS) in 2018.

    Production Information:

    Fool Moon (Slovakia)
    This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

    RTVS (Slovakia)
    13ka (Czech Republic)
    Progressive FX (Czech Republic)
    Czech Television (Czech Republic)

    Director: Katarína Kerekesová
    Story: Katarína Kerekesová, Anna Vášová
    Screenplay: Katarína Kerekesová, Anna Vášová, Zuzana Dzurindová, Peter Nagy
    DOP: Tomáš Juríček, Juraj Kráľ
    Editor: Matej Beneš
    Music: Lucia Chuťková
    Sound: Martin Merc
    Art design: Boris Šima
    Animation director: Andrej Gregorčok, Peter Harakaly
    Animation: Ivana Tirpáková, Filip Kasanický, Matej Mazák, Marián Jurík, Dominik Tarageľ, Maroš Končok, Kristian Lagrange, Toma Genov, Alexander Fed
    3D supervision: Tomáš Mikuľak, Jan Koníček
    Look development, render: Jaromír Salaj, Matej Hradský
    Compositing: Juraj Kráľ
    Voices: Zuzana Porubjaková, Kamil Kollárik, Richard Stanke, Henrieta Mičkovicová, Boris Farkaš and others