PRODUCTION: Ivan Ostrochovský in Preproduction with Slovak/Czech The Spring

    Anna Geislerová in The Spring by Ivan Ostrochovský Anna Geislerová in The Spring by Ivan Ostrochovský

    BRATISLAVA: Slovak director Ivan Ostrochovský is getting ready to start production on The Spring / Prameň. The drama about the state's interference in personal freedom will enter its first phase of production later this year.

    "We would like to manage some shooting days this year, but the main part of the production is planned for 2022," delegated producer Katarína Tomková from Punkchart films told FNE.

    Most of the 40 shooting days will take place during the summer of 2022 on locations in Slovakia, Hungary and the Czech Republic.

    The story takes place in the 1980s in Czechoslovakia, at the time of the existence of so-called abortion commissions. Unlike women from white majority, abortions of Roma women were unconditionally approved and they were often offered money if they agreed for sterilisation. Two women, middle-aged gynecologist Ingrid and part-Roma parademic Soňa, who are part of the process, get closer, as they both discover that good intentions often pave a path to horrible actions.

    The main role will be played by the Czech actress Anna Geislerová. Romanian actor Vlad Ivanov is also in the cast.

    The Film is produced by Punkchart films in coproduction with RTVS and Czech Negativ. The producers are discussing coproductions with other countries.

    About 50% of the estimated 2 m EUR budget is already covered, with support from the Slovak Audiovisual Fund, RTVS and the Czech Film Fund.

    The release is planned for 2023.

    Production information:

    Anna Geislerová in The Spring by Ivan OstrochovskýProducer:
    Punkchart films (Slovakia)
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    RTVS (Slovakia)
    Negativ (Czech Republic)

    Screenplay: Rebecca Lenkiewicz, Marek Leščák, Ivan Ostrochovský
    Director: Ivan Ostrochovský
    Kamera: Juraj Chĺpik
    Cast: Anna Geislerová, Vlad Ivanov