PRODUCTION: Indiegogo Campaign for Dimitar Kotzev’s Feature Film The Answer to All Questions

    The Answer to All Questions by Dimitar Kotzev The Answer to All Questions by Dimitar Kotzev credit: Alexander Stanishev

    SOFIA: Bulgarian director Dimitar Kotzev is in postproduction with his third feature film The Answer to All Questions, which he is independently producing through Kontraplan. An Indiegogo fundraising campaign launched to support the project is currently underway.

    The story, which is a mix of drama, comedy and mystery, follows three young women who find emotional support in a mysterious person аnd have to deal with their own delusions. Nastia is a troubled young woman who is sent to therapy sessions by her parents. Velina is a gentle and aspiring actress, who hopes for a breakthrough performance, but is devastated when the director sees her as worthless. Sara is a quietly anxious assistant in a law firm, who has just broken up with her boyfriend. They all simultaneously meet a person who seems to answer to their doubts, but gradually they come to see that they are victims of a sophisticated manipulation.

    The cast includes young and promising actors Anastasia Zhovtodid, Sara Draguleva, Velina Georgieva and Tsveta Doytcheva.

    The Answer to All Questions by Dimitar Kotzev, credit: Alexander Stanishev“We have used a unique artistic approach for the development of the story by relying strongly on the actors’ real background. The individual comes first, the character comes second, with the story being the result of natural, instinctive impulses of the actors. In this highly intuitive process all scenes are filmed without any written script and the artist is simply a conductor for the impulses the story creates. The result is an honest and unusual film which smoothly transcends the border between realistic and artistic,” the director/producer Dimitar Kotzev told FNE.

    Kotzev is producing through Kontraplan with a budget of 280,000 EUR. The project was presented at Sofia Meetings’s Work in progress section in March 2023.

    The shooting period took more than a year on locations in Sofia. The DoP is Alexander Stanishev, known for the Bulgarian/Finnish documentary The Magic Life of V (2019) by Tonislav Hristov, and also for the American indie film Touched by Fire (2015) directed by Paul Dalio with Spike Lee as executive producer. Stanishev also worked with Dimitar Kotzev on his previous film Monkey (2016, produced by Spotlight), which was a critical and audience domestic success.

    Kontraplan is actively searching for coproducers and is ready to start communicating with sales agents.

    The postproduction will be completed in November 2023.

    Production Information:

    Director Dimitar Kotzev, credit: Alexander StanishevProducer:
    Kontraplan (Bulgaria)
    Dimitar Kotzev: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

    Director: Dimitar Kotzev
    Scriptwriter: Dimitar Kotzev
    DoP: Alexander Stanishev
    Editor: Zornitsa Kotzeva
    Sound: Vesselin Zografov
    Cast: Anastasia Zhovtodid, Sara Draguleva, Velina Georgieva, Tsveta Doytcheva, Radoslav Parushev