PRODUCTION: Maltese Director Peter Sant Shoots Background Sound

    Background Sound by Peter Sant Background Sound by Peter Sant credit: Hereonin (Malta)

    VALLETTA: Maltese director/writer/DoP Peter Sant will start shooting his feature film Background Sound (working title) on 28 August 2023. Most of the filming will take place in and around St Paul’s Bay.

    Dimitrios, having returned to the Mediterranean island of Malta to reunite with his ex-wife and child, finds himself adrift in an overdeveloped and densely populated village. Originally designed for budget travellers, the village has transformed into a haven for the country’s working poor and economic migrants. Tortured by an unfortunate past, Dimitrios navigates his days penniless and bereft. Amidst this desolation, he encounters Annie, a foreign caregiver, and their shared odyssey becomes a battle against economic and divine obstacles.

    “I have been visiting St Paul’s Bay for years. This dynamic landscape oscillates between vibrancy and monotony, serenity and clamor. Hotels, both functioning and abandoned, sit alongside run-down apartment blocks, ice cream parlors and fast-food joints - a symphony of construction noise harmonising with the calming sea waves. For me, this was the ideal area to bring the story to life. I’ve dreamt of making a gritty and unapologetic hand-held 16mm film here for years. The film, like the area itself, is built on a delicate plot where stories build continuously and culminate in architectural and emotional collapse”, Peter Sant told FNE.

    Peter Sant also wrote the script and will lense the film.

    Angelique Muller is producing through Maltese company Hereonin. The project has been financed by the Malta Film Commission with a Creative Malta Development Grant 2021 (45,000 EUR) and a Creative Malta Production Grant 2023 (300,000 EUR). The total budget of the film is 360,000 EUR, with 20% investment coming from Hereonin.

    The film stock has been supplied via Panalight (Rome) and the film processing and scans are through Studio l'Equipe (Belgium).

    Background Sound will be shot 28 August – 23 September 2023. The estimated completion date is March 2024.

    Peter Sant is a Maltese filmmaker and artist. His work has been screened and exhibited internationally, and his recent solo shows include the Institute of Contemporary Art (ICA), London, Rio Cinema, London and HOME Manchester. His debut feature Of Time and the Sea (2018, produced by Hereonin) premièred at FIDMarseille.

    Production Information:

    Background Sound by Peter Sant, credit: Hereonin (Malta)Producer:
    Hereonin (Malta)
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    Director: Peter Sant
    Scriptwriter: Peter Sant
    DoP: Peter Sant
    Production coordinator: Duska Malesevic
    Casting: Carolina Pontt
    Assistant director: Angelique Muller
    Main cast: Dimitrios Giannakoudakis