PRODUCTION: Polish musical quasi-documentary in production

    Cast and crew of "I love you like Ireland" via Aleksander Debski on facebook Cast and crew of "I love you like Ireland" via Aleksander Debski on facebook

    WARSAW: Aleksander Dembski is working on his quasi-documentary I Love You Like Ireland about a Polish band Kobranocka.

    I Love You Like Ireland is a humorous story of two friends who reconnect after years of being apart and decide to achieve success in the music business. Krzysztof Urtate has experience as a wedding band manager and Adam Hendzel is a star of the iSing.pl online karaoke website. Even though their talents are limited they decide to do anything it takes to make it on the big stage. Their first attempts are not successful, but when they meet a popular Polish band Kobranocka their career starts to pick up.

    The director decided to create a story around the real Kobranocka to show relationships forming between the members of the musical community. The title of the film is derived from one of their hit songs. The picture includes several cameo roles with the appearances from an acknowledged Polish music journalist Marek Wiernik, popular guitarist Andrzej "e-moll" Kowalczyk, satirical journalist Rafał Bryndal and highly praised Polish actor Bohdan Łazuka.

    The film was shot between November and December 2012 on location in Warsaw and Grodzisk Mazowiecki. The director of photography for this picture is Paweł Dyllus an accomplished Polish filmmaker who had recently finished working on Michał Pieprzyca's Will to Live and Mother by Lee Mackintosh Jones. The film is produced by Krakow based Darklight Film Studio (www.darklight.pl) on a commission from TVP 1 Documentary Department (www.tvp.pl). The premiere of the picture is planned for the first quarter of 2013.

    Production contact:
    Darklight Film Studio
    ul. Normandzka 38
    30-383 Krakow
    Tel. 501 622 810
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