PRODUCTION: Janusz Zaorski shoots a historic drama


    WARSAW: Janusz Zaorski had just ended the first part of principal photography for Polish Sibiriad (Syberiada Polska), about a dark episode in the Polish history - the fate of Poles who were deported by the Soviet NKVD to Siberia in 1940.

    The script, by Michał Komar and Maciej Dutkiewicz, is based on a critically acclaimed novel by Zgibniew Domino of the same title. "This script holds the highest level of difficulty for a director," Zaorski said. "Four seasons, three countries (Poland, Ukraine and Russia), two continents. It is absolutely worth it. Before me stands perhaps the biggest challenge in my working career."

    Produced by Satchwell Warszawa with a budget of 9.3 million PLN (€2.3 million), the film has received 5 million PLN from the Polish Film Institute (www.pisf.pl ) and Polish public broadcaster TVP (www.tvp.pl ) may co-produce the project and buying it in the form of an eight-episode mini-series. Release is planned for February 2012.

    Mirosław Słowiński, executive producer from Satchwell Warszawa, says the film's exciting and dramatic story "gives us a chance to build a very important voice on the condition of Poles and people of other nationalities in this terrible time - that especially cannot be forgotten."

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