PRODUCTION: Serbian Rom-com Taxi Blues in Production


    BELGRADE: The mix-genre rom-com/road movie Taxi Blues / Taksi Bluz commenced its principal shooting at the end of May. The film will mark the feature debut for the director, Miroslav Stamatov. Taxi Blues was granted 20 million dinars (170,000 EUR) from Film Center Serbia’s call for commercial film projects.

    The key charcter in the story story is Marko, a failed scriptwriter, who has  been working as a taxi driver for years and follows his adventures during one hilarious night. An ordinary workday spirals into complete chaos when Damir, a boy who escaped from his foster home in search of his biological father, sneaks into Marko’s car. In spite of mutual antipathy at first glance, they become true friends, as Damir helps Marko win the heart of Tanja, a taxi dispatcher, and Marko helps Damir find his father.

    Marko Jocić and Marko Backović wrote Taxi Blues and Jocić is producing through Viktorija Film with Klan produkcija, d.o.o. as a coproducer. The director of photography is Luka Milićević.

    The rough budget is over 350,000 EUR and shooting is expected to last for 26 days, ending on 18 June. The premiere is planned for December 2018. The film is one of only two Serbian productions currently filming, An additional four or five films are expected to begin production in the fall.

    Production information:

    Marko Jocić
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    Director: Miroslav Stamatov
    Scriptwriters: Marko Jocić and Marko Backović
    DoP: Luka Milićević
    Cast: Andrija Milošević, Todor Jovanović, Milena Predić, Aleksandra Tomić, Boris Komnenić, Bojan Dimitrijević, Nikola Đuričko, Boris Milivojević, Nikola Pejaković, Srđan Bjelogrlić, Aleksandar Medo Jovanović, Sandra Silađev, Sergej Trifunović, Slaviša Ćurović