PRODUCTION: Serbian Director Maja Miloš In Production With Sophomore Feature Rift in the Ice

    Rift in the Ice Maja Miloš shooting Rift in the Ice Maja Miloš shooting photo: Dunja Dospaj

    BELGRADE: Serbian director Maja Miloš has recently started the production of her sophomore feature titled Rift in the Ice / Pukotina u ledu, envisioned as a contemporary fairytale exploring women's integrity and sexuality in our harsh reality. The film is a Serbian/Slovenian/Croatian/Dutch/Italian/Montenegrin coproduction.

    Marija is an ice skater who lives with her father, a lorry driver, on the outskirts of Belgrade. Crushed by grief after her mother's death, unable to express her flaming sexuality, she feels unworthy. Marija wants to support her father but when a new woman moves in with two daughters, she realises that she can not trust her new stepmother. Because of financial troubles Marija is forced to make extra money for her family. She wants to protect her father by hiding her jobs that introduce her to the world in which women are sexualy exploited.

    Maja Miloš is directing from her own script and this feature of hers is being lensed by Vladimir Simić. The cast is led by Jovana Stojiljković, Marko Grabež, Anđela Jovanović, Nataša Ninković, Ljubomir Bandović, Barbara Nola, Goran Navojec, Dejan Aćimović.

    Rift in the Ice / Pukotina u ledu is produced by Serbia’s Film House Baš Čelik, Slovenia’s Spok Films and Vertigo, Croatia’s Propeler film, Italy’s Nightswim, the Netherlands’ Volya Films, Montenegro’s Quadrifolium films. The producers are Jelena Mitrović, Srdan Golubović, Jožko Rutar, Danijel Hočevar, Boris T. Matić, Lana Matić, Ines Vasiljević, Denis Vaslin, Ivan Bakrač.

    The project has been supported by Film Center Serbia, CE Media, Slovenian Film Center, Croatian Audiovisual Centre, Italian Ministry for Culture (Mibact), Netherlands Film Fund, KMBO distribution, France, Montenegrin Film Center, and Eurimages.

    Shooting is planned to last 35 days on various locations in Belgrade, Novi Sad, Divčibare, in Serbia and in Montenegro.

    Maja Miloš’s debut feature Clip / Klip (2012), also produced by Film House Baš Čelik, won the Tiger Award at the Rotterdam International Film Festival.

    Production Information:

    Rift in the Ice by Maja Miloš, photo: Đorđe BajićProduced by:
    Film House Baš Čelik (Serbia)
    Jelena Mitrović (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)

    Coproduced by:
    Spok Films (Slovenia)
    Vertigo (Slovenia)
    Propeler film (Croatia)
    Nightswim (Italy)
    Volya Films (The Netherlands)
    Quadrifolium films (Montenegro)

    Director: Maja Miloš
    Scriptwriter: Maja Miloš
    DoP: Vladimir Simić
    Cast: Jovana Stojiljković, Marko Grabež, Anđela Jovanović, Nataša Ninković, Ljubomir Bandović