PRODUCTION: Marina Andree Škop and Vanda Raýmanová Prep Croatian/Slovak/Slovenian/Latvian Feature Film for Children Spacehead

    Spacehead by Marina Andree Škop and Vanda Raýmanová Spacehead by Marina Andree Škop and Vanda Raýmanová credit: Tomislav Sutlar

    ZAGREB: Directors Marina Andree Škop and Vanda Raýmanová are currently in preparation with their feature film for children Spacehead / Glavonja. The film is a coproduction between Croatia, Slovakia, Slovenia and Latvia.

    Milan (13) and his family move to an isolated village house to help him with his autism meltdowns. His sister Alice (10) hides Milan from other kids, believing his meltdowns are the reason she never had any friends. However, when their parents mysteriously disappear, Alice seeks help from local kids, introducing them to her exceptional brother. Together, the kids enter a great detective adventure that will change their lives forever.

    The project was developed based on the original concept and script by Slovak scriptwriter Juraj Raýman, to which he was inspired by his family story.

    Spacehead is an adventurous film with comedy aspects and targeted at young audiences, which explores the theme of autism. The story is told in a witty and stylised cinematic language. Through an adventurous story about children relying on themselves, a comedic approach, unconventional visual style and a combination of live-action and animated film elements, we aim to entertain young audiences while also presenting them with a very serious and important theme”, Marina Andree Škop told FNE.

    The project is a coproduction between PomPom Film (Croatia), Objectif (Slovakia), Senca Studio (Slovenia) and Air Productions (Latvia).

    Marina Andree Škop, Vanda Raýmanová and Tibor Keser are the producers, while the coproducers are Ida Weiss, Antra Gaile and Līga Gaisa.

    The project is co-financed by the Croatian Audiovisual Centre (570,708 EUR), the Slovak Audiovisual Fund (500,000 EUR), the Slovenian Film Centre (80,000 EUR), Viba Film (76,220  EUR), the National Film Centre of Latvia (80.990 EUR), Creative Europe MEDIA, the Croatian Radiotelevision (39,817 EUR) and the Slovak Television (50,000 EUR) in 2019-2021 (development grants) and 2022-2024 (production grants).

    The total budget of the film is 1.85 m EUR, Marina Andree Škop told FNE.

    The shooting is planned for the summer of 2024. The majority of the film is going to be shot on locations in Zagreb, while the rest of the filming is planned to be done around Črnomelj (Slovenia) and around Bardejov (Slovakia).

    Letters of intent have been signed with distributors Forum Film in Slovakia and FIVIA in Slovenia.

    The Latvian coproducer Air Production plans to release the film in cinemas in Riga and also to collaborate with the national distributor Kinopunkts to reach audiences in different regions of Latvia.

    Berlin-based sales agent Pluto Films has shown interest in the film.

    Marina Andree Škop, who is a Croatian director focused on live-action films for children, co-directed (together with Dražen Žarković) the feature film for children My Grandpa Is an Alien / Moj dida je pao s Marsa, produced by Studio dim (Croatia) in coproduction with Wady Films (Luxembourg), Filmbin (Norway), MasterFilm (Czech Republic), Artileria (Slovakia), Senca Studio (Slovenia), Fabrika (Bosnia and Herzegovina), the Croatian Radiotelevision (Croatia), Magiclab (Czech Republic) and Art Rebel 9 (Slovenia).

    Vanda Raýmanová is a Slovak director of animated films and series. She is the author of the awarded animated TV series The Tots / Drobci, produced by RTVS.

    Production Information:

    Spacehead by Marina Andree Škop and Vanda Raýmanová, credit: Tomislav SutlarProducer:
    PomPom Film (Croatia)
    Marina Andree Škop: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

    Objectif (Slovakia)
    Senca Studio (Slovenia)
    Air Productions (Latvia)

    Directors: Marina Andree Škop, Vanda Raýmanová
    Screenwriter: Juraj Raýman
    DoP: Tomislav Sutlar
    Production designer: Stefano Katunar
    Makeup designer: Mojca Gorogranc Petrushevska
    Costume designer: Aleksandra Ana Buković
    VFX Supervisor: Michal Struss
    Cast: TBC