PRODUCTION: Tamás Kollarik, Sándor Takó and Ádám Tősér Shoot Documentary about Hollywood’s Hungarian Born Founding Fathers William Fox and Adolph Zukor

    Tamás Kollarik and Sándor Takó Tamás Kollarik and Sándor Takó photo by Zsófia Nyirkos, copyright: FilmHungary

    BUDAPEST: Hungarian directors Dr. Tamás Kollarik PhD, Dr. Sándor Takó and Ádám Tősér are currently in production with their long documentary Fox vs Zukor - The Hollywood Story. The film is based on unseen archives, photos and untold stories, which Tamás Kollarik and Sándor Takó have researched in the last five years in more than seven countries.

    Fox vs Zukor is an up-close and personal examination of the life and career of 20th Century Fox founder William Fox and Paramount Pictures founder Adolph Zukor. Told in their own words and based on their autobiographies, the documentary follows the early years of Central European and American motion picture industry, the birth of Hollywood, the first Academy Awards gala, and last but not least, it shows how these two Hungarian immigrants played a role in the birth of the American Dream.

    “The life of Adolph Zukor, William Fox and the birth of Hollywood is a universal film subject that can be understood, interpreted and appreciated all over the world. Fox vs Zukor - The Hollywood Story is an accessible story about human talent and perseverance, while bringing history to life, Hollywood cinema, the American Dream created in part by Zukor and Fox, two self-made men with Hungarian, Jewish and Central European roots. The story of our two iconic heroes, told in a way that the viewer can relate to, from a perspective that is excitingly relatable, is one of the most fortunate conceptual themes, both from a distribution and festival-going perspective. It is also undeniable that the Hungarian heritage in Hollywood is now of cultural significance in both Hungary and the United States. There are only few themes in the history of the two countries with such a strong common connection and such a universal and multifaceted range of interpretations,” Tamás Kollarik told FNE.

    Fox vs Zukor is produced by Tamás Kollarik and Sándor Takó through FilmHungary.

    The film is made with a production support of 1.069 m EUR received from the National Film Institute-Hungary (NFI) in 2023, making it one of the NFI's largest documentary films.

    “The entire budget of the film is provided by direct production support from the NFI and Hungarian tax subsidies. The Hungarian National Film Archive is the main professional partner of the film. The filmmakers are currently in talks with other potential partners in Europe and the USA, with whom they will work together to make a film with a specific appeal to both European and American audiences“, Sándor Takó told FNE.

    The shooting of the interviews will start in the spring of 2024. The filmmakers plan to interview experts of the era as well as iconic contemporary filmmakers in American cinema.

    Oscar-winning director Ferenc Rofusz, Oscar-winning director Kevin Macdonald, BAFTA- winning producer Andrew Macdonald, multiple Emmy-winning director and producer Gábor Csupó are among those who are helping to make the film.

    The release of Fox vs Zukor is set for the first half of 2026.

    Hungarian Film Prize winner and Bánffy Award winner Tamás Kollarik, and Hungarian Film Prize winner Sándor Takó are the creators of several highly successful historical documentaries. Tamás Kollarik produced Captain László Ocskay, the Forgotten Hero (produced by Siriat), about the "Hungarian Schindler", who saved nearly 2,500 Hungarian Jews between 1944 - 45, while Takó's most recent film, Nikola before Tesla (produced by Csillagos Ötö) won the Audience Award at the XIX Cinefest Miskolc International Film Festival.

    Tamás Kollarik, associate professor at Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design, and Sándor Takó, a lecturer at Pázmány Péter Catholic University, have been working for years to research, collect, and preserve the intellectual legacy of Hollywood Hungarians.

    Autobiographies by William Fox and Adolf Zukor (edited by Tamás Kollarik and Sándor Takó, published by FilmHungary), Academy Award Ferenc Rofusz won for The Fly in 1981, photo by Zsófia Nyirkos, copyright: FilmHungaryProduction Information:

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    Directors: Tamás Kollarik, Sándor Takó, Ádám Tősér
    Screenwriters: Sándor Takó, Tamás Kollarik